My overweight started when I was about 15 years old and I think the cause was a lot because of the anguish I was living in. My father died very young, I am the youngest of my house and my family was a bit black to get ahead, so I wanted to give less discomfort and consolation eating. My comfort was because of the sadness that I had and the economic anguish that was lived in my house. In addition to this my family has always been overweight.

I went on diets from this age, I went down, then I went up, I went down again and I went up higher because of the rebound. It was horrible; I suffered a lot to put my clothes on or to keep what I liked and also the age at which you start going to parties. I felt pretty ugly, mean and awkward. At age nine I started with an infection in the head of the right femur and had to operate 3 times, I finished with operations at age 13 and a shortened leg and therefore, the overweight was always my enemy. I limped a lot and my joints hurt.

I met Dr. Alejandro many years ago but I was never his patient until I began to suffer from gastritis and colitis. Years later, I was wearing a few pounds and I was desperate. I felt horrible, I had nothing left, I did not want to see myself in the mirror and a cousin recommended me the gastric band and I went to see Dr. Alejandro to explain what it was and make the decision to operate. I had 33 kilos of overweight that I managed to lower like a year and a half or 2 years. Of course at first it took me a lot of work to accept it and grab the way, but after I half understood and I accepted, I began to go down and reach my goal that were 62 kg. Once, but I looked super skinny. There were periods when I kept very well, sometimes I went up or down, but I felt great. My leg no longer hurt, I got the problems of colitis, I limped very little, so much that people sometimes did not notice.

I lasted 9 years with the band, but last year I had a strong and clear depression that I forgot about myself, I did not take care of myself, I vomited a lot and asked to be opened by the band because I wanted to try it without it, but the result was not good because my Mood was not right. The result was to gain weight again and with the same complications. And I decided that I preferred to “walk without pain” to “eat to comfort myself” and I returned to the same, I hurt more my hip, back, feet and knees.

I went back to visit Dr. Alejandro and he explained to me about the Vertical Gastrectomy and a month I took 9 kilos and of course I already got a lot of back pain, etc.

Alejandro, I live grateful to you because you have supported me and accompanied me in this whole walk and not only this, also you have always treated me with immense affection, patience and this for me is “invaluable”. Thank you for that for me this is a new opportunity to feel good and recover my self-esteem and I am also consented to God as it put me in the BEST MEDICAL HANDS.